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For over 60 years in industry Bernesa S.A. gained the confidence of its customers with its large product range that contributes ingenious and economics solutions, and agile and precise service of deliveries in all the country.
Responding to the technological requirements of its customers, Bernesa disposes of functional products developed under new nourishing concepts, that allow to give a quick and efficient answer to the need of their customers to produce very nutritious food, pleasant, of low calories, to freeze, balanced, dietetics, stable, etc.
Bernesa will be a forced landmark of consultation in the development of new products with modified starches, the novel isolated of wheat of the high protein, integral designed customer by customer and, as always, a large line of flavours.

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- Additives.

- Flavours.

- Starchs & Flours.

- NEW Products.

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C. Molina Arrotea 2151 - (B1832JLK) Lomas de Zamora - Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Tel./Fax: (54)(11) 4282-4500 / 4282-5161 / 4282-6692 - E-mail: mail@bernesa.com
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