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The increase of the cost of the animal origin proteins, causes that vegetable proteins are constituted in an option more frequently in human diet.
This part increases by direct consumption of the vegetable proteins or consuming it as a aggregate in meat and dairy products.

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Is an essential element in the manufacture of processed cold meats and cold meats.
Reduction of decreases and recovery of rich meat in flavour, it makes of EMBUTIN a valuable ally, allowing to control costs properly.

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It is an ideal product like protein supplement in the manufacture of hung beef. Exceptional by its properties to bind and nutritious, it is due to the nature of its proteins.

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To be applied in fine pastes, mortadellas, salami type sausages, sausages vienna type of 2 to 3 Kgs. each 100 Kgs. of paste.
In brines of injection for hams 5Kgs. each 100 Lts. of water.

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Used in almost all hung beef and processed cold meats, its function is to thicken and to agglutinate. In the manufacture of fresh processed cold meat (pork sausages, sausages, choice pork sausages), gives characteristics of brilliance to the finished product.

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The main function of BERNESIN is to agglutinate and to stabilize pastes of cooked cold meats. Essentially used for the elaboration of black puddings and big black puddings.
The just texture is obtained in the cut and the homogeneous adhesion between the blood, bacon and skin, in the preparation for a better processed cold meat.

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