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Manioc starch distinguishes of corn and wheat starch because of its high amylase richness, its length of carbon chain and size of its molecule.
It is similar to potato starch, by being obtained of a tuber and not having gluten. It is characterized by its great stability, it has low humidity grade, between 8 and 10%, which gives a better yield on others starches.
It has a high viscosity on wheat or corn of up to 5 to 1 giving by result an appreciable economy of more than 10 %.
It has the property of cooking along with the meat in any king of cold meat, sensibly reduces the sineresis effects.
Its sticky power contributes to be union mean of any preparation. It is used in injection brines for hams, as thickening and agglutinating in all the cooked processed cold meat and hung beef.
In triple sheet paper bags of 25 and 50 Kg. of net weight.

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