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Bernesa S.R.L. was born on First September of 1953 as a result of the creative action of an inmigrant German young, Rolf Stelzner, who was an expert on the concepts of manufacture of hung beef in his country of origin, began a patient and constant work to modify part of the industrial culture of processed cold meat.

Rolf Stelzner was surrounded of german technicians with identical knowledge of nutritious production. Furthermore, he incorporated argentine collaborators who were formed and instructed in the drawing direction. The society contract of the beginning of the activities was celebrated between: Erwing Guillermo Berner, Rolf Stelzner (both Germans) y Ramón Mänhe (Argentine).According to this document: "(...) The Society will have its address in 218 Bolivar St, Capital Federal (...) and the share capital sets in the amount of m$n 51.000 (...)".

Thus, Rolf Stelzner, built an advanced management force in the production and distribution of the lines of charges and additives for the meat industry.

Today, Bernesa S.A.C.I. (continuing of Bernesa S.R.L.) arrives at the 60 years of life in constant growth in the industry.

Rolf Stelzner, with friends and employees, celebrated his birthday in the plant.

Rolf Stelzner (left) is drinking a beer after a day of full activity.


Rolf Stelzner is a German inmigrant that carries out all his talent to improve the industrial culture of the processed cold meat in Argentina.

His constant and uninterruptedly work takes him to be a man of strong industrial courage.

1º of September of 1953, Rolf Stelzner, gives beginning to the firm Bernesa S.R.L. along with other experts of the meat industry. Erwin Guillermo Berner (German) and Ramón Mänhe (Argentine).


The company has kept zealously its first work documents as a firm sample of solid steps from its beginnings. By this it is that we can observe the first economic movements and the first customers that Bernesa was adding in the constant walking.

Futhermore, it still exists the first commercial contacts with cold storage plants and hung beef mill, and the financial years that the company has taken carefully and meticulousness since its foundation.

First leaf of constitution´s contract of the society and attached Balance Sheet to the same one. Weekly report of the activities and pertinent notes. Heading of financial statements and its first leaves. Letterheads of the Company. Cards of year end.

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First leaf of the contract of constitution of the society.

Attached Balance Sheet to the contract of constitution of Bernesa S.R.L.


Bernesa S.R.L. had its primitive office, according to the contract of the society, in Bolivar St 218 Capital Federal; although the document clarifies that this address is without detriment to change it later and to establish branches in Argentina or abroad.

In its early stages set up in business with "Lanús Cold Storage Plant" that gave at Bernesa´s disposal a premise in Sitio de Montevideo St. 1502, Lanús. Until february 28, 1954.

Fragment of the Official Gazette.
Note redial Bernese initial address.

Later, Bernesa, moves to its present site in Lomas de Zamora, Castelli St. 1761/69. Since then the company was building modern facilities for a better operation of its industrial plant.

Old structure of the industrial factory in Lomas de Zamora.

Castelli St. 1761/69,
Lomas de Zamora, December 1954.

Store of Bernesa. In front of this, it is the plant in Castelli 1761/69, Lomas de Zamora.

New Industrial Floor, Lomas de Zamora, since 2004.


Along whit the increase of Bernesa Company was also necessary to have own mobility to transport additives and seasonings to cold storage plants and similar of the meat industry.

Due to this is that the company bought modern units of merchandise transport.

Different units have been used by Bernesa from its foundation to the present, Bernesa has modern trucks that day by day distribute to a huge loads of customers, all the products that this company produces and obtains every day.

One of the first units
of merchandise transport (1956)

Van for transport
of nutritional substances
(around 1970)

Truck that transfers additives made by Bernesa

Present transport with the logo of 50th anniversary of the company


ForBernesa S.A.C.I. publicity is a valuable tool to be always to the vanguard and to promote the products, that have been made and guaranteed for 60 years.

Revising the file of the Company we found the first leaflets that emphasized the properties of "Embutin" and gave the essential characteristics of the additive.

To create leaflets and graphic advertising have always been part of the used policy.

Bernesa has publicized in the most outstanding magazines of the meat corporation like:"Ganados & Carnes" (Magazine of the refrigerating industry of the corporation of the Argentine meat industry) and "Enfasis alimentación" (Publication of the FLC Argentina).

Bernesa First leaflet of Bernesa promoting "Embutin".

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